Sormovila Guest Suite

So many wineries! So much to do!

You are in the midst of the Naramata Bench wine tasting route and local Bistros, stretches of vineyards and orchards, nearby beaches, the Kettle Valley Railway Trail (KVR), hiking, mountain biking, the infamous Okanagan Lake flanked by spectacular mountains, including Munson's Mountain, The Giant’s Head and the town of Summerland just across the water from Naramata Village. The perfect place for a most beautiful getaway!

Sormovila’s Nearby Amenities:

Penticton Downtown

• 10 minute drive to downtown Penticton

Naramata Village

• 10 minute drive to Naramata Village

Wineries on the Bench…

Drive to Wineries

• 10 minute drive or less to at least 22 wineries along the Naramata Benchlands including: Red Rooster Winery, Ruby Blues Winery, Poplar Grove Winery, Township 7 Vineyards and Winery, LaFrenz Winery, Lake Breeze Vineyards, Marichel Vineyard & Winery,… just to name a few.

Walk to Wineries

• 5-7 minute walk to 7 Local Naramata Bench Wineries: Hillside Estate Winery, Quidni Estate Winery, Ledlin Family Vineyards, Howling Bluff Estate Wines, Laughing Stock Vineyards, Tightrope Winery and Black Widow Winery -  you can see most of them from Sormovila.

Dining at The Bistro at Hillside

• 7 minute walk or 1 minute drive to Hillside - check for hours of operation please

Swimming at the Beach

• 12-15 minute walk or 3 minute drive to Three Mile Beach

Walking or Biking the KVR

• 1 km to KVR Trail access

• 12-15 minute walk or 5-10 minute bike or 2 minute drive to 2 different accesses points

Hiking or Biking the Mice Trails

• 1 km to 3 Blind Mice Trail Network access

• 20 minute walk or 15 minute bike or 3 minute drive

Road Riding to the Painted Rock

• a 10-15 km ride from Sormovila