Sormovila Guest Suite

Sormovila Guest Suite - Policies

Please review ALL of Sormovila Rental Policies. Making the decision to rent Sormovila Guest Suite is also stating your agreement to our policies outlined herein.

Sormovila is not a hotel room. It’s a beautifully designed guest suite that is part of our home. It was specifically created to be a separate and private, elegant and romantic space for couples visiting wine country to enjoy this country experience on our property on the Naramata Bench.

Renting Sormovila Guest Suite: For your convenience, Sormovila Policies and general House Guidelines & Reminders are outlined on our website. They are also available for perusal via a link at external websites and they are emailed to you when you book Sormovila. A detailed version of Guidelines & Reminders 123… is available within the Suite as well as upon request. Please review these guidelines. They are mostly common sense, however, if they are unacceptable to you we would prefer you know upfront rather than not thoroughly enjoy your vacation stay.

1. When you give payment and your credit card information to rent Sormovila Guest Suite, you are also agreeing to the Rental Policies for Sormovila. Any extra costs incurred while at the Suite or any damage to the Suite, its contents and/or related rental facility (Courtyard Deck, any of the property grounds usage, storage, parking, etc) will be billed directly to your credit card.

2. Sormovila Guest Suite Damage Policy: The “replacement cost” of any damage to the Suite, its contents and/or related rental facility usage as mentioned above will result in a billing directly to your credit card. Should any damage occur notify us immediately so we can make arrangements to have issues dealt with ASAP. We do our best to replace & restore Sormovila’s contents and condition to it’s original state so all of our following guests may also enjoy the same quality and experience that you do upon your arrival.

3. Cleaning Fee Policy: At Sormovila we having a cleaning schedule that takes no less than 3 hours. We are incredibly thorough with our cleaning and prepare the suite to such a standard that every single guest experiences a meticulously clean, pristine and personally attended to vacation space.

There is no cleaning fee to stay at Sormovila, UNLESS Excessive Cleaning is required after your stay. That means that anything that goes above and beyond our thorough and standard cleaning time of 3 hours, you will incur a cleaning fee of $100 that will be billed directly to your credit card. We have opened up our home to offer a beautiful place for vacationing guests to enjoy. If your stay makes this a challenge to meet, a cleaning fee of $100 is applied to your credit card.

Having said this,… it is very rare that this happens, however, when it does, and unfortunately it has,… the turn around time for preparing the suite for our next guests can be substantial and sometimes impossible to meet. Excessive Cleaning includes but is not limited to: any unreported spills or stains that we have not had a chance to attend to during your stay, undesirable smells left in plasticware or the microwave such as onions, bacon, curry, etc., the overuse of perfumes or colognes that linger in the suite, lost or misplaced items or Sormovila containers that have been thrown in the trash or recycling bin, any fabrics or textiles that have sustained sticky and challenging to remove dirt, grime or the like,… just to give a few examples. Any damage, staining or hindrance in the ability to provide a pristine quality Guest Suite to our next guests needs to be reported to us so we can take action immediately and respond accordingly.

As mentioned above, we do our very best to restore Sormovila’s contents and condition to it’s original state so all of our following guests may also enjoy the same quality and experience that you do upon your arrival.

4. Additional Fees: For booking privately, any additional fee incurred for your booking (eg. E-transfer, PayPal) will be added to your final balance and paid via credit card. Your balance amount will be emailed to you prior to any payments being processed.

5. Sormovila Guest Suite use: Basic Policies, Guidelines & Reminders:

     • Check-in: 4pm Check-out: 11am  Sorry. No exceptions unless pre-organized with us

     • At Check-in we ask all guests to review the Welcome Booklet - specifically the Guidelines & Reminders 123…

     • Guidelines & Reminders 123… can also be requested to pre-review via email. See link below.*****

     • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside Sormovila Guest Suite or outside on the grounds.

     • Bikes & Sports Gear: Are not permitted in the Suite. Talk to us about storing options.

     • Noise: Quiet time is between 11pm & 8am

     • Shoes: Not wearing outdoor shoes inside Sormovila is greatly appreciated.

     • WineBar: See Welcome Booklet within the Suite for details.

     • Parking: Your own private parking for one vehicle is located between the 2 lattice fences.

     • Damages: Notify us immediately should any damage occur so we may deal with it promptly. See Damage Policy (above).

     • Cleaning Fee: See Cleaning Fee Policy on this page (above).

     • Check-out: Please clean up after your stay - do a light tidy, washing & replacing all dishes etc., cleaning outdoor BBQ etc., place used towels in a heap on the bathroom floor, lock all windows & doors, return key to welcome basket, and please knock on our door on your way out, so we may wish you a safe & pleasant trip home.

     ***** Review the Guidelines & Reminders 123… before booking Sormovila:

To share this little slice of heaven with others, we have opened our home up to guests and created this beautiful Guest Suite. We want your time here to be amazing! Caring for the suite and it’s contents is important to us and for the enjoyment of our future guests. If you’d like to review a detailed copy of Sormovila’s Guidelines & Reminders 123… it can be made available to you via email. The Guidelines & Reminders 123… covers common sense details in the suite as well as the not-so-common. We realize that not all guests may know what a Heat Pump is or how it works to cool the Suite, or how a Septic System differs from city plumbing, or that Marble is not as tough and hardy as Granite etc, so we’ve provided this information in an organized format so your time here is easy and questions you may have are answered. Additionally, at times we may be offsite and unavailable so we've tried to ensure everything you need to know is at your fingertips. If you’d like to see this in advance, please click here to email us and we’ll send you a copy of Sormovila’s Guidelines & Reminders 123….*****

6. Cancellation Policies:

All cancellations will result in a processing fee of 15%

     • Bookings cancelled at least 60 days prior to the start of the stay will receive 100% refund minus processing fee of 15%.

     • Bookings cancelled at least 30 days prior to the start of the stay will receive 50% refund minus processing fee of 15%.

We take great pride in providing the best quality service, elegant guest suite and facilities for your vacation on the Naramata Bench. We look forward to having you stay with us!